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If you've ever visited a website and wondered "How are they doing that?" the answer is probably "With a database."  Probably the best example of a database driven website is eBay.  All the information about buyers, sellers, items, what's been bought and sold... All of that is stored in a huge collection of database tables.  Using a combination of server and database code (called SQL statements), all that seemingly disparate information can be tied together and presented in a manner that makes sense... And makes eBay a lot of money!
Databases live "under the covers" of websites.  You can't just go to a website and hope to just surf into its database.  As a result, the average person doesn't really think of how powerful this tool can be.
But today, after all the initial hype and hoopla about the web has settled down, the use of web database technology is the one thing that can make your website genuinely useful to you and your customers.  Even more remarkable is how affordable this technology has become for the average business or individual.  In the Internet boom days of the late 1990's, hosting and database solutions could easily cost a company hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars per month.  Companies like Oracle made astronomical sums of money, and companies were all to happy to pay them.  Today, hosting plans with database connectivity can be had for less than $40 PER YEAR!  The math on this is easy... That breaks down to about 11 cents per day.  Small companies can now have the same tools that big companies once spent millions on!
So you may be asking yourself "Um, okay, but what do I need with a database hooked to my website?"  Well if your company has sales inventory, this can be tracked in real-time by customers, resellers, sales people, or anyone you choose.  All they need is an Internet connection!  Or, if you offer services, you can manage scheduling, support, or progress reports, all on-line in real time with the click of a button.  Frequently this functionality can be interfaced with your existing software systems.
Go ahead... Let your mind run wild!  If you can't come up with any good ideas, then you're not thinking hard enough!  Dream it up and WebZealot can figure out a way to make it happen, at a price you'll be happy with!

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