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SSL Certificates


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is geek-speak for a method of encrypting data over Internet connections.  Not to get too technical, but it is a method by which a website and the person browsing the site mututally agree to encode the data traveling over their Internet connection in such a way that no other user or server can make sense of the data. 
It all happens without the user having to do anything special, and it is EXTREMELY secure.  In fact, as of January 1, 2017, there have been ZERO verifiable cases of someone having their credit card number stolen when transmitting it over an SSL secured Internet connection.  Despite what many people believe, you are far more likely to have your credit card number stolen by somebody in a restaurant or traditional store than over the Internet.
Nowhere has the "deflation" of Internet pricing been more apparent than in the market for Internet security certificates.  In the early days of the web boom, there were only a couple of authorities who would issue SSL certificates, and as a result they could pretty much charge what the market would bear... Usually thousands of dollars a year.  Those same companies are still out there, and they are still charging outrageous sums, but there are now a number of upstart companies offering SSL certificates for a fraction of the price (some less than $50/year!).  Despite what the "expensive" companies will tell you, there is really no difference.  In fact, some of the less expensive certificates actually offer BETTER encryption than the expensive ones!
Don't be fooled!  If you have a site that is dependent on solid data encryption, let WebZealot help you find a solution that won't clobber your wallet, while still providing mission critical protection!

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