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Have you been seeing these little orange icons on various websites and wondering just what they stand for?
stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's an XML-based format for distributing links to web content, such as news headlines, podcasts, web log (blog) postings, or just about anything you can dream up!
Some examples of how it can be used:
  • You can read messages in an RSS reader, or a news aggregator.
  • Display messages in your blog for others to see.
  • Read messages in an RSS capable web browser (like Firefox or Opera).

Folks with RSS news readers can configure their computers to display an alert in the system tray whenever new headlines appear.
Some websites lend themselves to RSS better than others.  If you have a dynamic website that has a lot of frequently updated, or frequently changing material, then one or more RSS feeds may be a good tool to make available to your visitors.  If your site is more static in nature and is less frequently updated, then RSS is probably not something worth utilizing.  It's up to you.  RSS can also be used to communicate "backend" information such as customer contact information.
If you'd like to see what RSS is all about, there are many available RSS readers, and most if not all are free of charge.  WebZealot recommends RSSreader as a simple program for sampling how RSS feeds work and are displayed.
If you think RSS is for you WebZealot can quickly and easily create any number of RSS feeds based on the content on your website... From forum postings to file uploads.  RSS can be a great way to keep users returning to your site again and again and again.



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