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Domain Names

If your web site name looks like www.ThisisaReallyLongDomainName.com or you are using some free web space you got from AOL, then you might want to consider getting a new domain name!  Simple and easy-to-remember domain names are frequently overlooked, and WebZealot is happy to help you transition to your new domain, while not stranding the people who are visiting your old domain!
Purchasing the domain name that's right for you has never been easier or less expensive.  Let WebZealot guide you through the process!
Web Space

Have you checked the price of web hosting these days?  What you used to pay every month for web hosting can now pay for a full YEAR!  And it's not just rinky-dink-getting-started hosting.  This is full featured and powerful ASP and PHP hosting with lots of space, bandwidth, and database capabilities... The kind of stuff that used to be unthinkable for small businesses and individuals just a few years ago.
Let WebZealot help you claim your corner of the Internet, at a price that won't leave you flat-footed!  WebZealot is pleased to recommend GoDaddy.com for your hosting needs.
Website Creation and Authoring

So you've got your domain name, and you've got some web space.  What now?  Well, this is where the fun starts!  You can look at the empty web page staring you in the face, toil in frustration for hours, and end up with something you're just not happy with...  Or you can call WebZealot and let us sweat the details!
We'll be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation and discuss your vision of what you want your website to be.  Then with marching orders in hand, WebZealot can turn your site into reality.  You can watch our progress to see if you like what you see (and we know you will!), and we'll be happy to keep you involved in the process as your "baby" gets up and running!
Contact WebZealot today, and we'll be happy to sit down with you and discuss your project and find a solution to fit your budget.  Nothing is too big or small... If you have an idea and need some help bringing it to the web, we're happy to help!

Web Database Solutions

If you've ever visited a website and wondered "How are they doing that?" the answer is probably "With a database."  Probably the best example of a database driven website is eBay.  All the information about buyers, sellers, items, what's been bought and sold... All of that is stored in a huge collection of database tables.  Using a combination of server and database code (called SQL statements), all that seemingly disparate information can be tied together and presented in a manner that makes sense... And makes eBay a lot of money!
Databases live "under the covers" of websites.  You can't just go to a website and hope to just surf into its database.  As a result, the average person doesn't really think of how powerful this tool can be.
But today, after all the initial hype and hoopla about the web has settled down, the use of web database technology is the one thing that can make your website genuinely useful to you and your customers.  Even more remarkable is how affordable this technology has become for the average business or individual.  In the Internet boom days of the late 1990's, hosting and database solutions could easily cost a company hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars per month.  Companies like Oracle made astronomical sums of money, and companies were all to happy to pay them.  Today, hosting plans with database connectivity can be had for less than $40 PER YEAR!  The math on this is easy... That breaks down to about 11 cents per day.  Small companies can now have the same tools that big companies once spent millions on!
So you may be asking yourself "Um, okay, but what do I need with a database hooked to my website?"  Well if your company has sales inventory, this can be tracked in real-time by customers, resellers, sales people, or anyone you choose.  All they need is an Internet connection!  Or, if you offer services, you can manage scheduling, support, or progress reports, all on-line in real time with the click of a button.  Frequently this functionality can be interfaced with your existing software systems.
Go ahead... Let your mind run wild!  If you can't come up with any good ideas, then you're not thinking hard enough!  Dream it up and WebZealot can figure out a way to make it happen, at a price you'll be happy with!

Right from the start of the Internet revolution, websites have been an intriguing mix of the technical and the artistic.  A website may be perfectly functional and useful, but it can be the graphics that separate the wheat from the chaff.
To that end, WebZealot is happy to provide graphics production services for your website.  We will be happy to create your corporate look from scratch, or we can use any existing art and graphics you may already have.
If you have a desire to really go "over the top" with a graphically intense project, WebZealot has a full-time graphics design shop at your disposal, ready to tackle any project you throw our way!
Any WebZealot website design project will assume a certain amount of basic graphics development.  Additional graphics design work can be performed to suit your taste... As much or as little as you like, including design work using Macromedia Flash.


Thinking about selling on line?  Stop thinking about it and start doing it!  Readymade storefront solutions run the gambit from the simple to the sophisticated, and WebZealot has experience to help guide you through all the dizzying choices!
Whether you sell a single product, or hundreds, we can show you the full range of options...  From simple and efficient PayPal solutions to full-blown and sophisticated Verisign credit card processing set-ups that allow you full latitude in designing the look and feel of your storefront.
No matter what your size or what you sell, WebZealot can help put you in Internet storefront solution that works best for you!

PayPal Payment Solutions


One of the most useful services on the web today is PayPal.  Typically the biggest problem for smaller Internet merchants has been the huge overhead in bank and transaction fees being charged by credit card companies... And that's assuming you can navigate the mind boggling array of forms and questions required to get your accounts set up in the first place!
With PayPal, however, just about anyone with a checking account can start accepting credit card payments online in no time at all.  And PayPal has now made the whole process much easier by providing tons of tools so developers can easily and seamlessly add PayPal shopping cart and payment functions into their websites.  Additionally, it's no longer brain surgery to tie PayPal to your website and your inventory management system.  So if somebody visits your site and purchases a widget, that purchase can be instantaneously reflected as a change in inventory.
Just ask how WebZealot can make it all possible for you!
SSL Certificates


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which is geek-speak for a method of encrypting data over Internet connections.  Not to get too technical, but it is a method by which a website and the person browsing the site mututally agree to encode the data traveling over their Internet connection in such a way that no other user or server can make sense of the data. 
It all happens without the user having to do anything special, and it is EXTREMELY secure.  In fact, as of January 1, 2017, there have been ZERO verifiable cases of someone having their credit card number stolen when transmitting it over an SSL secured Internet connection.  Despite what many people believe, you are far more likely to have your credit card number stolen by somebody in a restaurant or traditional store than over the Internet.
Nowhere has the "deflation" of Internet pricing been more apparent than in the market for Internet security certificates.  In the early days of the web boom, there were only a couple of authorities who would issue SSL certificates, and as a result they could pretty much charge what the market would bear... Usually thousands of dollars a year.  Those same companies are still out there, and they are still charging outrageous sums, but there are now a number of upstart companies offering SSL certificates for a fraction of the price (some less than $50/year!).  Despite what the "expensive" companies will tell you, there is really no difference.  In fact, some of the less expensive certificates actually offer BETTER encryption than the expensive ones!
Don't be fooled!  If you have a site that is dependent on solid data encryption, let WebZealot help you find a solution that won't clobber your wallet, while still providing mission critical protection!

Flash Animation


The double-edged sword of website design, Flash in moderation can provide some very nice eye candy for a website.  But use it too much and your site can slow to a crawl or look like the Internet equivalent of a tacky leisure suit.  One of the biggest mistakes made is trying to use Flash to cover up a lack of content.
When Flash first appeared on the scene, developers quickly jumped on the bandwagon and started creating websites that were built entirely with Flash.  While they were frequently beautiful, exciting, and interactive, they also proved to be difficult to maintain and expensive to update.
WebZealot is happy to help you walk the tightrope between too much Flash and just enough!  Flash content can be created either for your website or your other multi-media needs.  Just ask!


Have you been seeing these little orange icons on various websites and wondering just what they stand for?
stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's an XML-based format for distributing links to web content, such as news headlines, podcasts, web log (blog) postings, or just about anything you can dream up!
Some examples of how it can be used:
  • You can read messages in an RSS reader, or a news aggregator.
  • Display messages in your blog for others to see.
  • Read messages in an RSS capable web browser (like Firefox or Opera).

Folks with RSS news readers can configure their computers to display an alert in the system tray whenever new headlines appear.
Some websites lend themselves to RSS better than others.  If you have a dynamic website that has a lot of frequently updated, or frequently changing material, then one or more RSS feeds may be a good tool to make available to your visitors.  If your site is more static in nature and is less frequently updated, then RSS is probably not something worth utilizing.  It's up to you.  RSS can also be used to communicate "backend" information such as customer contact information.
If you'd like to see what RSS is all about, there are many available RSS readers, and most if not all are free of charge.  WebZealot recommends RSSreader as a simple program for sampling how RSS feeds work and are displayed.
If you think RSS is for you WebZealot can quickly and easily create any number of RSS feeds based on the content on your website... From forum postings to file uploads.  RSS can be a great way to keep users returning to your site again and again and again.


Web Content & Copy

Probably the single most overlooked item of most website is content... Specifically WORDS!  It seems so simple, yet because it seems so obvious it is frequently overlooked.  A website full of fancy graphics, pictures, and videos can still end up seeming empty and impersonal without well constructed words on the page.
Frequently, many people just get writers block.  They may know their product inside and out, but when asked to write down a description on paper, they can't get past the first couple of words.  Conversely, some people can't stop and end up overwhelming their website visitors with too much information.
Striking just the right balance is the key!  WebZealot is happy to provide copy writing services for your website.  For really big jobs, WebZealot can offer competitive rates for outsourced professional PR and writing services.  Just ask!

You'd be surprised how many technology companies need a little help in figuring out how to make a website work.  Or perhaps you are in business for yourself and understand all the basics, but just need a little  help and direction so you can really take off and create the website you have always dreamed of.
WebZealot completely understands!  If you or your staff is lacking a crucial bit of knowledge about how to use some of the technologies available (ASP, PHP, JavaScript, SQL) then we'd be happy to lend a guiding hand... Even if we're NOT the ones doing your website for you!  Sometimes just a few hours of hands-on tutoring is all you or your tech staff needs to get the ball rolling.  WebZealot appreciates that pride of authorship in your website can be very important, and is happy to lend that little bit of guidance you need.

Does anyone NOT have an iPod these days?
With all of those ears out there, your company needs to find ways to reach them. WebZealot takes all the guesswork out of how to get your spoken word onto the net. Whether it's a church wanting to publish a "Godcast" or a musician wanting to put samples online or even if you just feel the need to wax poetic!
Our standards compliant XML means your podcast will be quickly, and easily integrated into iTunes, or available through other channels like Yahoo or Zune.
Contact us and let us show you just how easy it can be!

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