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This small software company produces AutoCAD compatible software for the steel construction industry.  The company changed hands in late 2001, and although it was one of the most popular types of software in the industry, it had a website hosted on AOL member space, with a web URL that was virtually impossible for potential customers to remember.
The new owners quickly set about to remake the site into something more professional looking and functional.
The first step was simple: Claim a new domain name!  SSDCP.com was available, so once purchased, the new owners moved the entire old site to the new domain.  Site traffic increased dramatically as people now instinctively surfed to the domain name.
Within a short period, the website had been vastly improved over its predecessor.  However, the site was still primarily an Internet billboard.  Users could come in and find information but once they left the site, that was it.  Also, there were four different web forms that visitors to the site could fill out, but the information from these forms ended up getting sent to different people in the organization.  Some of these web forms required intervention on the part of company employees, such as the manual creation of sales proposals.  Inevitably, sales leads occasionally fell through the cracks.  There needed to be a way to pull it all the information together.
The decision was made to upgrade to a full-function ASP website with a database backend.  Now users and potential customers could be more closely tracked, with all their pertinent contact information being collected in the web database.  Additional programming was performed so follow-up emails could be automatically generated and sent to potential customers... All without any intervention from the sales or management staff.  Sales proposals could also be automatically generated in Adobe PDF format and sent to customers as an email attachment.
The net sum of all this was a much more efficient sales process, and a sophisticated looking and performing website that actually worked for the company, saving the staff time, and helping to encourage sales leads to periodically return to the site.

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