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The Talent Pool  . The Talent Pool, Inc.

With a database of over 10,000 models, this entrepreneur needed a way to showcase his best and brightest for his potential clients.  So how to do that quickly, easily, and in a way that has visual impact?
Call the Zealot of course!  All the models and their information are housed in a MySQL database back end.  This allows the models to log into the website, add and change their information, and post their photos.
So with the models taking care of their own information, we wrapped the database in a sexy... Yes, I said sexy... interface that combines the best of Flash, for visual impact, combined with good old fashioned HTML and driven by a Cascading Style Sheet.  Huh?  HTML?  Cascading Style Sheet?  "What's dat?" you say?
Don't sweat it... That's for me to worry about.  What this satisfied client is left with is a knockout website that does it all, and looks good doing it...

"I couldn't do what I do now without this website..."
Don Buckalew
The Talent pool, Inc.

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