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Let's say you've built a better mousetrap, but you just aren't sure how to get your message out.  That's where Richard Friedman found himself.  With an eye for interior style, and a business model unique in his industry, he knew he was onto something special.
But Richard is a "one man band" and while he understands things like upholstery and paint, the Internet is not his forte... Nor does it need to be.
Needing a site that showcases his product, while fitting his own personal style, WebZealot worked closely with this Richard to get quickly get his site up and running.  From the simple things like getting a domain name and an email address, to the more complex, WebZealot took care of it all, completing the site in four weeks.
Richard provided some photos, and put some words on paper, and we just took it from there...
The finished product melds the look, feel, and textures of some of Richard's work into a website that is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate!

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