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Tony Cole, owner of Cole Creative, knows graphic design inside and out.  However while he uses a computer virtually every day to ply his trade, he is a bit flummoxed when it comes to the Internet.  "I don't get it really.  I don't even pretend to."
Tony had started his website years ago, primarily so folks could see samples of his work and get his contact information.  He claimed his domain name, booked his web space, and hired a webmaster to put it all together.  For years it worked well enough, and he didn't give it much thought.
Then he realized one day that some of the information on the site was out of date.  Not coincidentally, he also realized he could no longer find his webmaster.  This also meant he no longer knew the passwords to get access to his site.  Not feeling confident of his computer abilities, he chose to just leave well enough alone.
Years went by, when one day he looked at his credit card bill.  What had once seemed like a reasonable fee for web hosting now seemed not reasonable at all.  Still, he had no idea where to begin to move his site, or even if it could be done at all.
Enter WebZealot, who led Tony out of his old and expensive web hosting, and into a hosting plan that costs less per year than what he was paying PER MONTH!
WebZealot deferred to Tony on the graphic look of his new site (it is his profession after all!) and was able to quickly, easily, and painlessly move and replace his old and out of date site, without a minute of downtime between the old site and the new site... And the money he is saving more than makes it all worthwhile!

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