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Ever felt really passionate about a sport?  I mean REALLY PASSIONATE?  To wit: Mike Byrd.  This guy is a cyclist.  I mean, a REAL cyclist.  He's all all muscle, heart and lungs.  Yeh, he's passionate.  So what would happen when Mike went to find a bike race somewhere?  Well, turns out it was a real pain.  Nobody seemed to have a complete list of of bike races coast-to-coast... So what to do?
Mike decided that if nobody else would do it, he would!
TheBikeRacer.com is an exercise in database MUSCLE!  Wanna find a mountain bike race in Colorado?... Check out TheBikeRacer.com.  Wanna find a velodrome race in New York, head over to TheBikeRacer.com.  What if I wind to find a Cyclocross race within a 50 mile radius of my Zip code?  C'mon... You know the answer...
Race directors can log in, post their races, manage their info.  They get free publicity and good turnout.  Mike doesn't need to manage any of it (he's too busy training for his next race anyway)... It's a win-win!

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