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"Everyone asks us for our website... But we don't have one, and nobody on staff knows how to make one!"
Oh yeh... I feel ya.  A company that literally works on both sides of the world, but has bigger fish to fry than making their own website.
This multinational corporation is based out of McLean, Virginia, with another base in Gurgaon, India.  They do BIG BIG business... Land, buildings, and all kinds of economic development that makes the heads of us mere mortals spin.  These guys are too busy making money, but they also needed a simple site that potential clients could visit.
An added twist... Since they operate in India where most folks surf the web on mobile devices, they needed a site that can work in both the wired and wireless realm.
No problem. We built them a standards compliant XHTML site, and a CSS that makes it all come together, regardless of the browser platform.  "What's that mean exactly?" you ask...  Don't sweat it.  Just rest assured it works the way it should... Isn't that all anyone wants anyway?

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