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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!  This was a different kind of site for WebZealot in that it wasn't strictly a business site... Well, at least not yet!
The 747SP.com website was originally founded in 1996 by Swedish aviation photographer and enthusiast Tommy Mogren, and was entirely dedicated to the Boeing 747 variant known as the "SP" or Special Performance version.
Well, much to Tommy's delight, the website turned into a tremendous success!  However, with that success also came a lot of work.  When the site was first created, it was done entirely in HTML.  However, many of the websites aficionados would send in photos and information to Tommy.  In order to include this information, he had to manually reenter the information, build links, and republish the site.  This labor intensive method was okay for awhile, but as the site began to pick up steam it became increasingly burdensome.  Sometimes he would be deluged with dozens of emails or photos per day... And keep in mind, he was also working a regular full-time job!
By 2003, the workload for what was supposed to be a fun hobby had simply become overwhelming, and the website was scaled back, and an announcement placed on the front page that it was no longer being actively maintained.
WebZealot quickly saw that what this site needed was a database solution.  Working hand-in-hand with Tommy, WebZealot set about to create and design a database backend, tied with an ASP capable web server, that would end up automating many of the tasks that had once been performed manually.
Tommy already had an extensive web design background, so his pride of ownership came in the overall look and feel of the site, while the functionality was engineered by WebZealot.  WebZealot created a custom administration backend, so now users can submit their information via web forms for Tommy to review... Then with a click of a button, the information is verified and automatically added to the site.  What once could take five or ten minutes can now be accomplished in SECONDS!
Additionally, WebZealot developed photo uploading functionality, so  users could upload their 747 photographs.  Tommy can then quickly and easily check the photos for acceptability and quality, then instantaneously add them, without the need to republish.  Because photos were entered into a database, they can be quickly and easily searched and grouped by any number of different criteria.
Additionally, WebZealot added RSS feed technology to the site, so as new information is added, it can instantly be mass broadcast to all the sites users.  This assures many return visits to this site which now features accurate and up-to-the-minute data and statistics.  The site has seen an astounding increase in traffic, and is highly regarded by aviation enthusiasts around the world.

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