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100 North Church . 100 North Church

This Mooresville, NC, developer started an innovative project and needed to pull out all the stops.  Selling high-end luxury condos in what used to be a sleepy and small North Carolina town requires a thorough set of sales tools.  But when your hands are full trying to wrangle suppliers and contractors, you don't have the time to learn how to pull all your marketing together...
In cooperation with Cole Creative, WebZealot helped to pull together this informative and highly interactive website.  Potential customers could enter the site, browse building specs and floor plans, download and print maps and blueprints, and even reserve their very own condo, all online!
Maps of each floor level show prospective buyers at a glance which spaces are available and which have already been sold.  Not only that, but out of town folks could get a feel for the distinctive flavor of Mooresville.
The website was created to match the look and feel of the project's printed sales matter, with coordinated colors, fonts, and graphics.  The finished product is polished and professional.

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