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Beekman Helix India  . Beekman Helix India

"Everyone asks us for our website... But we don't have one, and nobody on staff knows how to make one!"
Oh yeh... I feel ya.  A company that literally works on both sides of the world, but has bigger fish to fry than making their own website.
This multinational corporation is based out of McLean, Virginia, with another base in Gurgaon, India.  They do BIG BIG business... Land, buildings, and all kinds of economic development that makes the heads of us mere mortals spin.  These guys are too busy making money, but they also needed a simple site that potential clients could visit.
An added twist... Since they operate in India where most folks surf the web on mobile devices, they needed a site that can work in both the wired and wireless realm.
No problem. We built them a standards compliant XHTML site, and a CSS that makes it all come together, regardless of the browser platform.  "What's that mean exactly?" you ask...  Don't sweat it.  Just rest assured it works the way it should... Isn't that all anyone wants anyway?

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The Bike Racer  . The Bike Racer

Ever felt really passionate about a sport?  I mean REALLY PASSIONATE?  To wit: Mike Byrd.  This guy is a cyclist.  I mean, a REAL cyclist.  He's all all muscle, heart and lungs.  Yeh, he's passionate.  So what would happen when Mike went to find a bike race somewhere?  Well, turns out it was a real pain.  Nobody seemed to have a complete list of of bike races coast-to-coast... So what to do?
Mike decided that if nobody else would do it, he would!
TheBikeRacer.com is an exercise in database MUSCLE!  Wanna find a mountain bike race in Colorado?... Check out TheBikeRacer.com.  Wanna find a velodrome race in New York, head over to TheBikeRacer.com.  What if I wind to find a Cyclocross race within a 50 mile radius of my Zip code?  C'mon... You know the answer...
Race directors can log in, post their races, manage their info.  They get free publicity and good turnout.  Mike doesn't need to manage any of it (he's too busy training for his next race anyway)... It's a win-win!

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The Talent Pool  . The Talent Pool, Inc.

With a database of over 10,000 models, this entrepreneur needed a way to showcase his best and brightest for his potential clients.  So how to do that quickly, easily, and in a way that has visual impact?
Call the Zealot of course!  All the models and their information are housed in a MySQL database back end.  This allows the models to log into the website, add and change their information, and post their photos.
So with the models taking care of their own information, we wrapped the database in a sexy... Yes, I said sexy... interface that combines the best of Flash, for visual impact, combined with good old fashioned HTML and driven by a Cascading Style Sheet.  Huh?  HTML?  Cascading Style Sheet?  "What's dat?" you say?
Don't sweat it... That's for me to worry about.  What this satisfied client is left with is a knockout website that does it all, and looks good doing it...

"I couldn't do what I do now without this website..."
Don Buckalew
The Talent pool, Inc.

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This small software company produces AutoCAD compatible software for the steel construction industry.  The company changed hands in late 2001, and although it was one of the most popular types of software in the industry, it had a website hosted on AOL member space, with a web URL that was virtually impossible for potential customers to remember.
The new owners quickly set about to remake the site into something more professional looking and functional.
The first step was simple: Claim a new domain name!  SSDCP.com was available, so once purchased, the new owners moved the entire old site to the new domain.  Site traffic increased dramatically as people now instinctively surfed to the domain name.
Within a short period, the website had been vastly improved over its predecessor.  However, the site was still primarily an Internet billboard.  Users could come in and find information but once they left the site, that was it.  Also, there were four different web forms that visitors to the site could fill out, but the information from these forms ended up getting sent to different people in the organization.  Some of these web forms required intervention on the part of company employees, such as the manual creation of sales proposals.  Inevitably, sales leads occasionally fell through the cracks.  There needed to be a way to pull it all the information together.
The decision was made to upgrade to a full-function ASP website with a database backend.  Now users and potential customers could be more closely tracked, with all their pertinent contact information being collected in the web database.  Additional programming was performed so follow-up emails could be automatically generated and sent to potential customers... All without any intervention from the sales or management staff.  Sales proposals could also be automatically generated in Adobe PDF format and sent to customers as an email attachment.
The net sum of all this was a much more efficient sales process, and a sophisticated looking and performing website that actually worked for the company, saving the staff time, and helping to encourage sales leads to periodically return to the site.

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. SpeedyDry.com

Ready for a chemistry lesson?
Me neither, but this company produces an ink additive that, well, like the name says... Printers can add this stuff to their ink so it dries quicker.
Big deal, right?  Well, actually, it is.  This revolutionary stuff means that printers can now print on materials once thought to be unsuitable for printing... Like plastic.
However, their website did not reflect this cutting edge technology.  It basically looked like... Well... I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  Let's just say it left something to be desired.
WebZealot to the rescue!  Using their existing logos, and much of their existing content, WebZealot worked up a site more befitting this upstart company.  With a jazzy Flash menu bar, and even a little introductory movie with some snappy music, this site conveys the "can do" attitude that exemplifies this company, an attitude that was lost on the old website.
See... Chemistry IS interesting!

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747SP.com . 747SP.com

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!  This was a different kind of site for WebZealot in that it wasn't strictly a business site... Well, at least not yet!
The 747SP.com website was originally founded in 1996 by Swedish aviation photographer and enthusiast Tommy Mogren, and was entirely dedicated to the Boeing 747 variant known as the "SP" or Special Performance version.
Well, much to Tommy's delight, the website turned into a tremendous success!  However, with that success also came a lot of work.  When the site was first created, it was done entirely in HTML.  However, many of the websites aficionados would send in photos and information to Tommy.  In order to include this information, he had to manually reenter the information, build links, and republish the site.  This labor intensive method was okay for awhile, but as the site began to pick up steam it became increasingly burdensome.  Sometimes he would be deluged with dozens of emails or photos per day... And keep in mind, he was also working a regular full-time job!
By 2003, the workload for what was supposed to be a fun hobby had simply become overwhelming, and the website was scaled back, and an announcement placed on the front page that it was no longer being actively maintained.
WebZealot quickly saw that what this site needed was a database solution.  Working hand-in-hand with Tommy, WebZealot set about to create and design a database backend, tied with an ASP capable web server, that would end up automating many of the tasks that had once been performed manually.
Tommy already had an extensive web design background, so his pride of ownership came in the overall look and feel of the site, while the functionality was engineered by WebZealot.  WebZealot created a custom administration backend, so now users can submit their information via web forms for Tommy to review... Then with a click of a button, the information is verified and automatically added to the site.  What once could take five or ten minutes can now be accomplished in SECONDS!
Additionally, WebZealot developed photo uploading functionality, so  users could upload their 747 photographs.  Tommy can then quickly and easily check the photos for acceptability and quality, then instantaneously add them, without the need to republish.  Because photos were entered into a database, they can be quickly and easily searched and grouped by any number of different criteria.
Additionally, WebZealot added RSS feed technology to the site, so as new information is added, it can instantly be mass broadcast to all the sites users.  This assures many return visits to this site which now features accurate and up-to-the-minute data and statistics.  The site has seen an astounding increase in traffic, and is highly regarded by aviation enthusiasts around the world.

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. Richard Friedman Associates

Let's say you've built a better mousetrap, but you just aren't sure how to get your message out.  That's where Richard Friedman found himself.  With an eye for interior style, and a business model unique in his industry, he knew he was onto something special.
But Richard is a "one man band" and while he understands things like upholstery and paint, the Internet is not his forte... Nor does it need to be.
Needing a site that showcases his product, while fitting his own personal style, WebZealot worked closely with this Richard to get quickly get his site up and running.  From the simple things like getting a domain name and an email address, to the more complex, WebZealot took care of it all, completing the site in four weeks.
Richard provided some photos, and put some words on paper, and we just took it from there...
The finished product melds the look, feel, and textures of some of Richard's work into a website that is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate!

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Cole Creative . Cole Creative

Tony Cole, owner of Cole Creative, knows graphic design inside and out.  However while he uses a computer virtually every day to ply his trade, he is a bit flummoxed when it comes to the Internet.  "I don't get it really.  I don't even pretend to."
Tony had started his website years ago, primarily so folks could see samples of his work and get his contact information.  He claimed his domain name, booked his web space, and hired a webmaster to put it all together.  For years it worked well enough, and he didn't give it much thought.
Then he realized one day that some of the information on the site was out of date.  Not coincidentally, he also realized he could no longer find his webmaster.  This also meant he no longer knew the passwords to get access to his site.  Not feeling confident of his computer abilities, he chose to just leave well enough alone.
Years went by, when one day he looked at his credit card bill.  What had once seemed like a reasonable fee for web hosting now seemed not reasonable at all.  Still, he had no idea where to begin to move his site, or even if it could be done at all.
Enter WebZealot, who led Tony out of his old and expensive web hosting, and into a hosting plan that costs less per year than what he was paying PER MONTH!
WebZealot deferred to Tony on the graphic look of his new site (it is his profession after all!) and was able to quickly, easily, and painlessly move and replace his old and out of date site, without a minute of downtime between the old site and the new site... And the money he is saving more than makes it all worthwhile!

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. Brenneman Thompson Properties

Selling and renting lots of beautiful properties in some of Charlotte's best neighborhoods, Brenny had a problem... When people asked "What's your web address?" he just didn't have an answer.  Brenny knows real estate... But the web?  Not so much.
He needed a way to quickly and easily post his properties and pictures to the Internet.  But using AOL email was about the limit of his online expertise.
We built him a fully database driven website, that allows Brenny to add, delete, and edit his property listings with a few clicks of a button.  Add some pictures?... Sure, no problem.  Then we wrapped it in a silky smooth interface that matched his corporate look, and voila!
Now Brenny has a website that he's happy to send folks to!

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100 North Church . 100 North Church

This Mooresville, NC, developer started an innovative project and needed to pull out all the stops.  Selling high-end luxury condos in what used to be a sleepy and small North Carolina town requires a thorough set of sales tools.  But when your hands are full trying to wrangle suppliers and contractors, you don't have the time to learn how to pull all your marketing together...
In cooperation with Cole Creative, WebZealot helped to pull together this informative and highly interactive website.  Potential customers could enter the site, browse building specs and floor plans, download and print maps and blueprints, and even reserve their very own condo, all online!
Maps of each floor level show prospective buyers at a glance which spaces are available and which have already been sold.  Not only that, but out of town folks could get a feel for the distinctive flavor of Mooresville.
The website was created to match the look and feel of the project's printed sales matter, with coordinated colors, fonts, and graphics.  The finished product is polished and professional.

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Hirsh.TV . Hirsh.TV, Inc.

Hirsh.TV is an Atlanta area television production house founded in 1993.  While skilled in visual communication, website design was not an area of expertise.  After grabbing one of the pricey ".TV" domains, owner Logan Hirsh was run through the ringer trying to get his website and email up and running.  He finally settled on a point-and-click design service, and paid handsomely for a site that left a lot to be desired.  But, hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right?
Tired of feeling bad after looking at the cool sites of other TV production shops, Logan decided it was time to get serious... Time to call WebZealot.
With little more than a résumé and a photo, WebZealot was able to redesign the Hirsh.TV website from the ground up, including the distinctive "eyeball" logo, and an attractive, professional color scheme to match.
Clean, easy to navigate, and memorable... With just a few pages and a small budget, WebZealot was able to put together a no-nonsense site, befitting the spirit of this company.

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